“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

- Steve Jobs

Event Duck

Social Events Platform

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Event Duck

Country: Australia

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eReader app

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Qatar Foundation

Country: Qatar

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Pilot Navigation

AvNav Screenshot

Client: AvNav

Country: US

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Clinic-Locum matching app

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Country: Malaysia

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Interns ME

Interns recruitment platform

InternsME screenshot

Client: InternsME

Country: UAE

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E-Commerce Delivery Meetup

Client: Antevz

Country: Hong Kong

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Activities Challenge

Client: Robusta

Country: Egypt

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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

- Leonardo da Vinci

User Research & UX Strategy

We ask many questions in this stage to precisely identify the target audience. Who is going to use the site/app? Where are they located? Are they using it in a business or leisure context? And so on. The output is User Persona, based on which we decide on the Strategy that would guide the rest of the process.


A brand is much more than just good looking piece of typography or an icon; a brand is the personality, the face of your company or product. A brand that is based on the right strategy for your users is the first step in achieving emotionally-driven user engagement, resulting in long-lasting impressions.

Content Strategy

"Content is King" is the number 1 golden rule of UX. If your visitors are not engaged within 7 seconds, due to uninformative or misleading content, they are lost forever.

Design and Content cannot be separated; they both works together forming the overall user experience.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture (IA) is the heart and soul of the UX design process. We figure out the users’ roles, system features, needed inputs, and expected outputs. The point of this phase is to plan a consistent system which allows your audience to use your product without being lost, and always be able to find their way around.

Interaction Design

This where we build the “wireframes”. A wireframe is sort of the blueprint of the website or mobile app, arranging all the elements identified during the IA phase. The target is to reach the best arrangement, or an early prototype, through which the users can quickly understand and easily interact with the system.

UI Design

During this phase, wireframes are transformed into a visual user interface. The challenge here is creating a stunning, yet simple interface, so that it doesn't grab attention in itself and divert the focus away from the content/functionality. Combination of typography, grids, whitespaces, colors, etc. is used to achieve this.

UI Coding

Also known as front-end coding, this is the phase where actual web pages (or mobile app prototypes) come to life. Paying attention to Responsiveness, the designs are coded mainly into HTML/CSS. This phase is very important as it verifies that all the UI details are perfectly crafted to work flawlessly on all platforms/devices.

User Testing

Whether for an existing or a new app, user testing clarifies issues in terms of findability, usability, and sometimes even personal impressions monitored while users speak out in user-testing videos. Testing results are then analyzed, and help identify room for additional improvements, or even discovering new issues never known before.

Mohamed Makky

Managing Director

Among a bunch of crazy creatives, he is the sound of reason, with more than 20 years of experience.

Abdelrahman Osama

Founder & UX Director

A designer-to-the-bones since 1999, with a deep rooted belief that "it is about users, not products"

Khaled Al Nagar

UX Designer

"Less talks, more Nietzsche". The source of out-of-this-world ideas that don't work 99% of the time :D

Nesreen Saeed

UI Designer

When it comes to typography, white spaces, and color balance, a sophisticated eye is needed to keep things simple

Karthik Pandurangan

Branding & UI Designer

One of the most creative designers ever, bringing live to our wireframes as never before.

Mariam Tawfeek

UI Coder

It's not about converting UI's to HTML/CSS; it's about how smart each code line is.

Do you wander the streets scrutinizing everything around you? How a door handle could be misleading. how a piece of copy could make people smile.

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